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Knowledge is a valuable tool. At Chem-Aqua, we believe educated and informed customers are a valuable ally. That’s one reason we are committed to providing effective customer training programs in a variety of media. This online resource center was developed to help you obtain useful information on a variety of water treatment topics.

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Your Path to a Successful Water Treatment Partnership with Chem-Aqua

Biofilm Monitoring and Removal in a Commercial Office Building

The Ins and Outs of Filtration

Importance of Biofilm Monitoring

How Cooling Tower Systems Work

Waterborne Pathogens are Thriving and It's Because of Green Energy Initiatives..

Identifying Cooling System Dead Legs Helps Solve Persistent Positive Legionella Test Results

Using Steam Accumulators to Satisfy Fluctuating Boiler Steam Demand

How Cooling Towers Operate

Using Steam Accumulators to Satisfy Fluctuating Boiler Steam Demand

How Boilers Work

Sand Filter Improves Water Quality in Large Property Management Facility

Online Biofilm Monitor Optimizes Biocide Usage and Results for Fiberglass Composite Manufacturer

Conductivity vs Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)

Understanding Cycles of Concentration

The Internet of Water Treatment

How Boilers Systems Work

Online Biofilm Monitor Proactively Detect Contamination at a PET Plastics Manufacturer