As commercial building design and operating methods have changed over the years, Chem-Aqua has strived to stay abreast of the latest innovations. As a member of the U.S. Green Building Council® (USGBC), Chem-Aqua has helped our customers achieve credit points within the LEED®-EB: O&M Rating System under the Water Efficiency (WE) category by implementing a water treatment program that complies with this credit requirement. More Information

As one of the leading water treatment service providers to Educational Institutions, Chem-Aqua is uniquely positioned to help you meet your water treatment needs for your whole campus.  From major campuses with tens of thousands of undergraduates supporting a utility micro-grid with advanced CHP boilers to K-12 schools and schools districts, Chem-Aqua’s portfolio of products, equipment and services can help you achieve the energy, environmental and compliance goals necessary to keep your institution in the forefront of operational efficiency. More Information

Food and Beverage processing is one of the fastest growing domestic industries today. Also, higher demands are being placed on process water used to clean and convey the food products and packaging. More Information

Chem-Aqua offers a full range of innovative and competitively priced water treatment products and services through GSA and GSA Advantage!®. More Information

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Chem-Aqua has many years of experience treating the water side of heating and cooling systems in hotels, resorts and casinos. In these facilities, customer comfort is a primary objective so the heating and air conditioning systems must have a reliable water treatment program that allows boilers and cooling systems to operate at peak efficiency. More Information

Chem-Aqua is a highly respected global provider of water treatment equipment, chemicals and services in a wide variety of manufacturing facilities. More Information

Chem-Aqua strives to be the best water treatment provider in the New Construction industry by offering a fully staffed New Construction Department supported by a national network of field consultants to help meet critical deadlines. More Information

Poor water treatment can cause high product defect rates, increased cycle times, unscheduled downtime, corrosion damage to molds, and generally higher maintenance and operating costs. More Information

The rendering industry relies heavily on water for a number of different processes. Plant operations and final products are directly tied to water and water treatment. Poor quality water treatment programs will cause increased maintenance and operational costs, plant shut downs, and even fines from governmental agencies. More Information

Chem-Aqua is a highly respected global provider of water treatment equipment, chemicals and service within the wood products industry. More Information