Your Dirty AC Coils Could Be Costing You Big Time

The Importance of Preventative Maintenance


Air conditioning (AC) systems that do not function properly can be cumbersome. Properly maintaining these units is critical––especially the coils, whether they are in an air handling unit or a packaged air conditioning unit. These delicate coils require regular upkeep to preserve the life of the AC unit, maintain capacity, improve energy efficiency, and ensure the indoor air quality is at its best.

As the fans work to draw warm air out of the occupied spaces, particles such as dust, dirt, grease, and bacteria also move with the air. These particulates will accumulate on the coils, reducing the capacity and efficiency of the AC system and forcing the system to work harder. This diminishes the life of the equipment.

“Although coil cleaning is an important part of a preventative maintenance program, many buildings fail to regularly schedule cleaning because the coils are hard to access or personnel is limited, so there is not enough work time for the task,” says the Operations Manager for Chem-Aqua Services. “Another primary obstacle is selecting the correct coil cleaning equipment. Pressure is not the only consideration for coil cleaning; water volume along with pressure must be addressed.”

Why Clean your Coils?
Everybody wants an AC system that is effective and efficient. While there are many parts of an AC system, the coils are certainly a critical component that influences AC performance. A dirty coil has a number of adverse effects on personnel and your business.

  • Reduced Capacity:  A dirty coil will remove far less heat from the air than a clean coil.
  • Reduced Airflow:  The dirt and grime build up on coils creates a restriction in the system that limits airflow significantly.
  • Poor Air Quality:   The pollutants that accumulate on the coils hinder the cooling performance of the AC system, meaning a reduction in indoor air quality.
  • Premature Equipment Failure:   As particles attach to the AC coils, they reduce the efficiency of the system and force it to work longer. Also, the pollution in the system corrodes the coils leading to expensive repair operations.
  • Increase Operation Costs:  With a dirty coil, the system will run longer to achieve the desired temperature. This directly impacts utility costs. Also, the frequency of needed repairs will increase––an additional and avoidable expense.

Chem-Aqua’s Coil Cleaning Solution
Not all coil cleaning services are equal. In reality, some coil cleaning services can do more damage than good! Chem-Aqua has developed an optimized cleaning process that maximizes coil performance without damaging or reducing the usable life of the equipment. 

Our proprietary coil brightener is not acid-based like the other coil cleaners. Using acid to clean coils can wear away at the coil material, making it more prone to damage. In turn, this increases the frequency of repair expenses or leads to a premature unit replacement.

Beyond the cleaning solution, Chem-Aqua has optimized the pressure and flow rate of the coil wash water. As noted by Chem-Aqua Services, “pressure is not the only consideration for cleaning; water volume along with pressure must be addressed. For example, a 500 psi power washer supplying 4 gpm will clean much better than a 4,000 psi washer supplying 2 gpm. Essentially, the more water driven through the coil during a cleaning, the better.”

All components of an AC system need regular maintenance, but the coils are often overlooked.  Neglecting this critical component can cost you in terms of both money and air quality. Chem-Aqua has the experience and optimized proprietary coil cleaning solution to maximize the performance and life of your coils while reducing frequency of AC repairs and lowering operating costs.

Watch this Chem-Aqua Coil Cleaning Service video to learn more!


Written by:  Tom Worley

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