Servicing Cooling Tower


Service is one of the most important aspects of our work. The economics and technical success of any water treatment program depends not only on chemical and equipment selection, but also how well the program is managed. Chem-Aqua is committed to providing high quality service and is proud to offer one of the most comprehensive service packages in the water treatment industry. 

Some of the services available with your Chem-Aqua water treatment program include:

  • Regular on-site testing by well-trained water treatment professionals
  • Immediate interpretation of test results and on-site recommendations
  • Monitoring of your pretreatment and application equipment to keep it working right
  • Inventory management
  • Regular equipment inspections
  • Access to our modern, well-equipped analytical laboratories
  • Review meetings designed to communicate program results
  • Effective training programs in a variety of media
  • Technical Support Specialists available as needed
  • A variety of software designed to help monitor and control your treatment program
  • Chemical cleaning services to help insure proper system startups and to resolve problem situations
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