Chem-Aqua® is a global leader in custom-designed, turnkey water treatment programs for boiler, cooling, and process water systems. Recognizing that good results require more than just adding chemicals and testing water, our Total Systems Approach provides solutions to water problems and improves systems efficiencies utilizing a comprehensive program of products, equipment, and services that address the unique mechanical, operational, chemical, and people requirements of each system.
The Fundamentals of Heat Transfer

BLOG: The Fundamentals of Heat Transfer
Transferring heat into a process or rejecting excess heat from your facility is critical to keeping your facility up and running. Failure to transfer heat effectively to and from your equipment and processes may lead to increased operating costs, downtime, unscheduled maintenance, and reduced equipment life. Read More

Preparing Your Cooling Tower for Spring
VIDEO: Preparing Your Cooling Tower for Spring
The Spring season can wreak havoc on outdoor cooling towers. Watch our video to learn about the different challenges cooling towers face and how  proper maintenance and cleaning programs can help reduce these challenges. Also check out our blog article Cottonseed and Other Spring Associated Problems.
Not All Water Supplies Are The Same
BLOG: Not All Water Supplies Are the Same
The source(s) of water supplied to cooling towers, boilers, and processes may vary greatly daily or even hourly. The impact this has on water systems must be closely monitored to avoid scale, deposits, corrosion, inefficient water usage, and other negative impacts on operational costs. Read More
The Impact of Corrosion, Scale Deposit, and Microbiological Growth on Total Cost of Operation

INFOGRAPHIC: The Impact of Corrosion, Scale Deposits, and Microbiological Growth on Your Total Cost of Operation
Do you know the impact corrosion, scale deposits, and microbiological growith can impact your bottom line? Learn about all of the way these issues can impact your total cost of operation. Click to Enlarge

Minimizing White Rust in Cooling Systems

INFOGRAPHIC: Minimizing White Rust in Cooling Systems
White rust is a complex problem that can have a negative impact on galvanized cooling systems. Learn more about the impact white rust can have on your system and how to get it under control. Click to Enlarge

Career Opportunities
Are you seeking a career in water treatment? Chem-Aqua is one of the fastest growing international water treatment companies and we are constantly searching for energetic people who want to learn. Join our team! More Information