Chem-Aqua® is a global leader in custom-designed, turnkey water treatment programs for boiler, cooling, and process water systems. Recognizing that good results require more than just adding chemicals and testing water, our Total Systems Approach provides solutions to water problems and improves systems efficiencies utilizing a comprehensive program of products, equipment, and services that address the unique mechanical, operational, chemical, and people requirements of each system.
Using Steam Accumulators to Satisfy Fluctuating Boiler Steam Demand
BLOG: Using Steam Accumulators to Satisfy Fluctuating Boiler Steam Demand

Fluctuating demand in boiler steam production can cause losses in efficiency and more. Companies are striving to keep their total cost of operation as low as possible to remain competitive in the global economy. Learn how steam accumulators could help with these changing system demands. Read More

Importance of Biofilm Monitoring
BLOG: Importance of Biofilm Monitoring
Uncontrolled microbiological growth in cooling and process water systems is a multi-billion dollar problem for businesses each year. The primary cause of this expensive problem is biofilm. Monitoring for microbiological control is an essential part of the water treatment program. To address the missing link in microbiological monitoring in the water treatment industry, Chem-Aqua developed a new biofilm monitor. Read More
Is Your Closed Loop System Losing Water?

BLOG: Is Your Closed Loop System Losing Water?
You may think with a closed loop system you won’t have to worry too much about water loss. However, even the tiniest leaks can result in significant water loss if you let the system go long enough. This is why it’s important to monitor water levels and quality and, if you find any water loss at all, locate the source of the leak. Read More

How Boiler Systems Work
INFOGRAPHIC: How Boiler Systems Work
Steam boilers are specialized, mechanical devices designed to generate pressurized steam used for a variety of industrial and commercial applications. Understanding and caring for steam boilers of any type are critical to good water treatment. Click to Enlarge
The Impact of Water Treatment
INFOGRAPHIC: The Impact of Water Treatment
Water treatment has a tremendous impact on your total cost of operation. Take a look at our graphic to see the impact a good water treatment program can have on your bottom line. Click to Enlarge
Career Opportunities
Chem-Aqua is always seeking energetic people who want to learn and specialize in water treatment technology. Join our team! More Information