As one of the leading water treatment service providers to Educational Institutions, Chem-Aqua is uniquely positioned to help you meet your water treatment needs for your whole campus.  From major campuses with tens of thousands of undergraduates supporting a utility micro-grid with advanced combined heat and power (CHP) boilers to K-12 schools and schools districts, Chem-Aqua’s portfolio of products, equipment and services can help you achieve the energy, environmental and compliance goals necessary to keep your institution in the forefront of operational efficiency. These qualities will help you create a positive public relations image within your alumni, students and the public, all of which are needed to attract and retain ever more sophisticated students.

As a provider of water treatment programs and services to over 400 colleges and universities, Chem-Aqua is known as a leader in providing the innovation necessary to protect the life of your expensive capital assets (boilers, chillers, etc.), improve energy efficiency resulting in lower operational costs, meet sustainability goals through innovative water and energy strategies, minimize operational and long term maintenance costs and help create a safe environment for all campus residents and visitors.

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