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The complexity of data center technology is ever evolving and the demand for effective cooling solutions, continuous optimization of energy (PUE) and water (WUE) usage with a focus on environmental impacts, are critical components of successful operation. At Chem-Aqua, we understand these needs, which is why we are assisting customers around the world deploy cost effective and sustainable solutions to meet the challenges the industry faces. With the increasing demand for data, internet speed and reliability, data centers facilities are rapidly coming online and being built throughout the world.

As a global partner, Chem-Aqua understands the challenges that come with water treatment systems and their designs. With our extensive experience working with data centers and comprehensive chemicals, equipment, and field expertise, we can successfully improve efficiency, water usage, and energy in a sustainable way for your data canter’s operations.

Working together, Chem-Aqua and our customers can be confident that their water treatment program is achieving the best results possible. Allow Chem-Aqua to be your trusted water treatment partner.

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