About Our Innovations

As the demands for water increase across the globe and with environmental impact at the forefront, innovation is key to facing these ever-growing challenges. From water and energy savings to improved product delivery and biofilm control, Chem-Aqua has cutting-edge research laboratories that develop new products and innovative solutions to meet the unique needs of water treatment. 

aquaDART Automation Control

aquaDART® Automation Control Systems
Chem-Aqua's aquaDART systems use fluorescent-traced technology to deliver real-time, performance-based feedback and control. aquaDART systems enable high performance water treatment programs that provide improved results and reduced operating costs.

HandiChem Solid Water Treatment Solutions

HandiChem® Solid Water Treatment Solutions
The HandiChem Solid System is a next generation water treatment solution for cooling towers, closed systems, and steam boilers that provides key benefits versus liquid treatment programs.

ECO Bionics® BIO-Amp™ and DrainCobra™ Biological Drain Maintenance Systems

Biological Drain Maintenance Systems
Chem-Aqua offers environmentally friendly biological drain maintenance systems that solves a range of wastewater problems and at the same time bringing considerable cost savings. 

BioeXile® Biofilm Cleaning Systems

Biofilm Cleaning Systems
Biofilms are the root cause of serious problems in building potable and industrial water systems including clogged piping, reduced heat transfer efficiency, microbial corrosion, and Legionella transmission.

bioDARt® Biofouling Monitoring Systems

Biofouling Monitoring System
If left unchecked, biofilm deposits cause serious problems in cooling water systems including corrosion damage, heat transfer losses, reduced flow, and the transmission of disease.