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To support our comprehensive water treatment programs, Chem-Aqua offers specialty cleaning solutions to address these challenges and help prevent your critical water systems from shutdown. These cleaning services will help improve equipment life, system efficiency, and sustainability goals. Our trained professionals follow industry standard procedures to perform each cleaning and are backed by a support group dedicated to help take the stress from your operations.

Programs Provided

Cooling Towers  
Cooling towers are efficient air scrubbers that require routine cleaning and disinfection to maintain optimal efficiency and reduce Legionella risks. Our Basic Cleaning Service includes power washing with professional equipment and if possible, a chlorination/disinfection. The Optional Enhanced Cleanings adds chemical to help remove buildup such as scale and a dispersant to loosens deposits and strip biofilm.  
When dirt and grime coat heating and cooling coils, it can drastically increase the cost of operation. Dirty coils affect the overall air handling system efficiency and building health. Dangerous bacteria can multiply in poorly maintained systems or equipment, posing health risks such as asthma, nausea and more for a facility’s occupants. The benefits of clean coils include energy savings, increased air flow, maximum heat transfer, system longevity, and improved air quality.  
Heat Exchangers  
When heat exchangers become fouled with corrosion, mineral scale, or microbiological deposits, an offline chemical cleaning procedure is often the quickest and most cost effective solution. It immediately restores both flow and heat transfer and provides the clean metal surfaces necessary for good corrosion control. The payback on
cleaning a fouled heat exchanger is usually significant.
Steam Boilers  
Keeping waterside surfaces of steam boilers clean is critical for reliable operation with low operating costs. Deposits on boiler tubes reduce heat transfer efficiency, increase fuel costs, and can lead to an unexpected failure. Regardless of the cause, chemical cleaning is often the best solution to restore efficiency to a scaled boiler. Routine chemical cleaning can also be beneficial as part of the preventative maintenance program for seasonal heating boilers.  
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