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Chem-Aqua is a highly respected global provider of water treatment equipment, chemicals and service within the wood products industry. We have many years of experience treating boiler systems that provide steam for soft and hard wood dry kiln operations, plywood plants, particle board plants, Oriented Strand Board (OSB) plants, Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) plants and the chemical plants that manufacture the resin used in these processes.

The Chem-Aqua team begins our relationship by performing a comprehensive survey of the facility to develop a plan that is custom designed specifically for your plant. Recommendations for the appropriate chemical treatment program and pretreatment equipment needed to remove problem causing impurities from the system will be provided. As a team your plant and our local consultant can and will provide critical information that helps assure a reliable steam plant and production schedule.

Field analysis are performed to verify that the chemical program is providing the protection needed where steam is condensing in the dry kilns at saw mills, in the dryers, presses and vat heat exchangers at plywood facilities and in the steam heated equipment used to manufacture and press particle board, OSB and MDF. Our consultants are supported by a team of engineers that have substantial knowledge and experience in working with all types of forest products plants. Working together, Chem-Aqua and our customers can be confident that their water treatment program is achieving the best results possible.

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