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Chem-Aqua has many years of experience treating the water side of heating and cooling systems in hotels, resorts and casinos. In these facilities, customer comfort is a primary objective so the heating and air conditioning systems must have a reliable water treatment program that allows boilers and cooling systems to operate at peak efficiency. A secondary benefit of the Chem-Aqua water treatment program is the possibility of reduced water and energy costs to help improve profitability of the property.

The Chem-Aqua team begins our relationship by performing a comprehensive survey of the facility to develop a plan that is custom designed specifically for your building. Recommendations are made for the appropriate chemical treatment program and, if needed, pretreatment equipment to remove problem causing impurities from the makeup water. Our local consultant will provide recommendations that help assure that the water related portion of your hotel’s HVAC system is being maintained to maximize water and energy efficiency which may lead to reduced water and energy costs.

Field analyses are performed to verify that the chemical program is providing the protection needed in the water related systems within your property HVAC system. Our consultants are supported by a team of engineers that have substantial knowledge and experience in hotel, casino and resort water treatment programs. Working together, Chem-Aqua and our customers can be confident that their water treatment program is achieving the best results possible.

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