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Plastics manufacturing is a cooling water intensive process where product quality and production efficiency is directly tied to water treatment. Poor water treatment can cause high product defect rates, increased cycle times, unscheduled downtime, corrosion damage to molds, and generally higher maintenance and operating costs. Consequently, an effective water treatment program that minimizes corrosion, deposits, and microbiological growth is necessary to maximize the life, efficiency, reliability, and safety of these cooling water systems and to minimize operating costs.

Chem-Aqua’s expertise and understanding of the issues that the industry faces allows us to provide proven results. While each facility has a unique design and layout, the goal of providing sustainable solutions that result in overall cost reduction, water reduction, energy reduction, and asset preservation are the same.  We can do this by providing the following:

  • Best Practices developed to provide specific water treatment guidelines that will help ensure all systems are running efficiently.
  • Innovative open and closed loop products specifically formulated to prevent corrosion and fouling in the cooling water passages found in the multi-metal molding equipment.
  • The Total System Systems Approach to water treatment allows Chem-Aqua to find opportunities to improve our customer’s profitability by reducing costs and/or increasing productivity. This will improve mold cycle time, reduce and/or eliminate mold “hot spots”, reduce product reject rate, and extend mold life
  • Chem-Aqua offers a full line of water treatment chemicals, equipment, software, and services to complement our products that includes complete line of feed and control equipment, pretreatment and filtration, 24/7 online connectivity, online service reports, and custom delivery systems.
  • Engineering support specialists that provide oversight of the program to ensure success of the water treatment program. The engineering support staff consists of licensed professional engineers, chemists, microbiologists and other trained, experienced specialists. They are available to make on-site visits if issues arise.

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