bioeXile®  Cleaner

Biofilms are one of the most difficult challenges cooling water systems face. They tend to start in areas not accessible to biocide treatments, and can quickly grow to form biofouling deposits that cause corrosion damage, blockages, reduced heat transfer, and Legionella amplification. Once they become established, biofilms are incredibly tenacious and hard to control.

Why are biofilm deposits so hard to remove and control? The bacterial secretions that form biofilms tightly bind the deposit to system surfaces, and form a chemically resistant matrix that is extremely difficult for biocides and cleaners to penetrate.

Even high dosages of biocides, dispersants, and cleaners cannot effectively remove established biofilms. Unless completely removed, surviving bacteria can rapidly multiply to form new, more resistant and impervious biofilms.

bioeXile: Biofilm cleaning breakthrough
Leveraging research from the medical field, Chem-Aqua has developed bioeXile, a new, patented product that disrupts the inert protective outer matrix protecting the biofilm deposits. Bacteria and other microorganisms released into the bulk water following bioeXile applications allow for a more effective kill when paired with a biocide addition. 

As compared to using biocides alone or with biodispersants, the bioeXile cleaning process is extraordinarily effective for removing the inert protective layer surrounding biofilms.

  • 1250 times more effective removal than biocide alone
  • 278 times more effective removal than biocides + surfactant biodispersants

bioeXile will help you solve and prevent biofilm problems 
Effective biofilm control is an ongoing battle. It requires a comprehensive treatment approach with specialized expertise and technologies to address the unique challenges associated with biofilm remediation and control. 

bioeXile is proven technology that dramatically improves removal of the inert organic layer protecting biofilms. bioeXile treatment will help you regain control of problem systems and restore efficiency. Using bioeXile to restore and improve organic fouling control will help you protect your cooling water systems and keep them operating efficiently:

  • Cleans foulants from metal surfaces
  • Minimizes foulant deposits that impede flow and reduce cooling
  • Improves energy efficiency and reduces greenhouse gas emission
  • Reduces microbiological influenced corrosion (MIC)

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Biofilm Problems Often Go Unnoticed
Until Serious Problems Occur

Impact of bioeXile Addition
on Biofilm Removal

*Solid chlorine/bromine biocide applied at 50 ppm total chlorine  

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