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The aquaDART Water Treatment Control System is state-of-the-art automation for monitoring and controlling water treatment programs to achieve maximum system protection and minimum operating costs. aquaDART Systems employ Direct Analysis and Response Technology (DART) to continuously monitor and adjust the water treatment program based on changing system demands. Real-time sensors are used to directly measure the cycles, inhibitor and oxidizing biocide concentrations, and other key parameters that determine scale, corrosion, and microbiological control. Custom control software continuously regulates blowdown and chemical feed, based on changes in system demand, and immediately communicates upset conditions. Web-enabled control software is standard to provide real-time, performance-based feedback and alerts. 

Features and Benefits

  • Complete water treatment automation system
  • Continuously monitors and adjusts program based on changing system demands
  • Automatic cycle and blowdown control
  • Fluorescent traced inhibitor feed and control
  • ORP based biocide feed verification and control
  • Web-enabled monitoring and control software
  • Cabinet and board mounted for easy installation (based on model purchased)
  • Universal access controller not locked with proprietary software

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