Chem-Aqua’s bioDART Biofouling Monitor is new, patented technology that continuously measures the potential for biofilm deposits to form in cooling water systems. Developed to overcome the challenges associated with bio-monitoring, the bioDART provides valuable, real-time data to monitor microbiological growth and improve biofilm control.

  • Automatically monitors microbiological activity
  • Predicts biofilm formation
  • Early warning for upsets
  • Optimizes results and reduces costs
  • Stand-alone unit or connect to a controller
  • Independently validated

Is your cooling water system in control?
Left unchecked, biofilm deposits cause serious problems in cooling water systems including corrosion damage, heat transfer losses, reduced flow, and the transmission of disease.  Routine bio-monitoring is important, but with current methods, it’s difficult to know whether your system is under control.

Dip slides take 2 to 3 days to develop, and only measure a small fraction of the bacteria in the bulk water. ATP is expensive to use and the results can be misleading. Both methods require manual sampling with readings that are often difficult to interpret. And by the time inspections or equipment readings indicate you have a biofilm issue, serious problems can develop that significantly impact the reliability and efficiency of your systems.

Unlike traditional methods for monitoring microbial control, the bioDART provides a continuous, predictive measure of the core problem, which is the bacteria growing inside biofilms.

The bioDART Advantage
Biofilm control is an on-going battle. It requires comprehensive maintenance measures and routine bio-monitoring to evaluate biofilm control, which is difficult with currently available monitoring methods.

The bioDART uses advanced optical sensors to measure biofilm formation under standard conditions that amplify the potential for growth. It generates a sensitive BFI reading that reflects the impact of bacteria counts, biocide additions, nutrient load, and operating conditions on microbiological growth and biofilm formation.

The bioDART provides valuable, practical data that you can use to monitor and improve biofilm control in your cooling water systems:

  • Quantitative measure of microbiological activity
  • Predictive indicator of biofilm formation
  • Identifies upset conditions so actions can be taken early
  • Evaluate biocide treatments and maintenance measures
  • Optimize treatment program results and reduce costs
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Note: bioDART is offered as a value-added service to existing and future Chem-Aqua water treatment contract customers only. Not available outside of our current coverage area.

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bioDART Biofouling Monitor (Video)

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