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The rendering industry relies heavily on water for a number of different processes. Plant operations and final products are directly tied to water and water treatment. Poor quality water treatment programs will cause increased maintenance and operational costs, plant shut downs, and even fines from governmental agencies. Because of these factors, an effective water treatment program that minimizes corrosion, deposits, and odor control is necessary. It is Chem-Aqua’s goal to maximize efficiency, reliability and safety in all water systems.

Chem-Aqua’s knowledge and experience give us an in-depth understanding of the issues our customers face. We understand that each plant is unique in process and design. With that in mind, we customize our water treatment programs to fit each plant’s needs. We are able to do this by providing the following to our customers:

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  • Chem-Aqua offers a full line of water treatment chemicals, equipment, software, and services to complement our products that includes complete line of feed and control equipment, pretreatment and filtration, 24/7 online connectivity, online service reports, and custom delivery systems.
  • Innovative odor control programs that have been recognized by the EPA.
  • Engineering support specialists that provide oversight of the program to ensure success. The engineering support staff consists of licensed professional engineers, chemists, microbiologists and other trained, experienced specialists.

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