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Using the right pretreatment and application equipment is just as important as using the right treatment chemicals! A major cause of water treatment program failure is using the incorrect or improperly operating equipment. Because of the importance of the equipment to the success of a water treatment program, Chem-Aqua places a special emphasis on equipment as part of our Total System Approach. Chem-Aqua Engineered Pretreatment Equipment systems help ensure top performance from water treatment and production processes by removing problem-causing impurities from water before it enters a system. We believe that due to the importance of properly operating chemical control and feed equipment it is critical to operate using the correct and most up-to-date technology in equipment.

Chem-Aqua has been manufacturing water treatment equipment for over 40 years and we understand the importance of supplying high-quality water to your operation. We maintain a fully staffed, 44,000 sq. ft. equipment manufacturing facility devoted to designing, manufacturing and supporting water treatment equipment. Our Equipment Specialists and analytical laboratories are available to help you select the right pretreatment system and troubleshoot problems. We stock an extensive line of replacement parts and consumables, like filter cartridges and ion-exchange resins. We provide an extensive line of in-house manufactured pretreatment equipment products and technologies including:

Chem-Aqua’s engineered pretreatment equipment systems are just another way Chem-Aqua adds value to our customers’ operation and provides long-term competitive advantages. If one of our standard systems will not meet the needs of your facility, one of our Engineers can customize any system to fit most specifications.

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