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The HandiChem solids treatment system is a new generation of water treatment solution for cooling towers, closed loop systems
and steam boilers that produces the proven results of liquid programs:

  • Elimination of drum handling, storage and disposal
  • Reduced spill and spill problems
  • Demonstrated results

As part of the HandiChem system, HandiPak® solid concentrate, which contains the treatment chemicals, dissolves as needed
using a HandiFeed™ mixing board. The hassle of labor, safety, and handling associated with chemical fluids is a thing of the
past. This saves you time and money.

Why Solids?
The HandiChem Solid System provides the proven results of high-performance liquid treatment programs, but is easier to use and more environmentally responsible. The HandiChem Solid System minimizes energy and water usage while reducing environmental concerns. The benefits of a HandiChem Solid System include:

Simple but effective                                                 

  • HandiPak® solid products contain the same high-performance actives as liquid formulas, but without water. The HandiChem system has been proven effective in hundreds of boilers, cooling towers, and process water systems
  • Operator only handles a single 5 - 11 lb. container instead of a 300 lb. drum (lower labor requirements)
  • Ideal for use in hard-to-reach places, such as roof top cooling towers
  • Cases are easily moved through buildings on a hand truck or cart
  • Frees up floor space: A case of four 1 gallon plastic bottles (44 lbs.), a case of 4 solid blocks (44 lbs.), and a case of 8 solid discs (40 lbs.) are all equivalent to one 30 gallon drum (300 lbs.)

Reduce hazards and risks / liabilities

  • Innovative manufacturing process reduces the hazards associated with liquids: each 30 gallon drum of liquid inhibitor is replaced by a solid equivalent that can eliminate up to 11 lbs. of corrosive sodium hydroxide
  • Reduced chemical exposure: Product is fully encapsulated in either a recyclable plastic container or water soluble film. The dissolution and feed of the product is fully contained in the HandiFeed System
  • Reduced risk of workplace injuries associated with drum handling
  • Reduced splash and spill concerns versus liquids
  • Cleaner and cheaper chemical workstation and storage area (no chemical containment required)

More environmentally responsible

  • Maximize energy and water efficiency, therefore helping conserve these precious natural resources and reducing carbon footprint
  • Reduced packaging requirements and landfill waste
  • Reduced weight, therefore less energy and greenhouse emissions associated with product delivery
  • Environmentally friendly formulas: less hazardous to use, more degradable after discharge with lower usage requirements
  • Minimize waste: 100% consumption of chemical at the point of use. No drum triple rinsing required

Click here to download our product Safety Datat Sheets (SDS).

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