Biofilms are the root cause of serious problems in building potable and industrial water systems including clogged piping, reduced heat transfer efficiency, microbial corrosion, and Legionella transmission. Biofilms are dynamic, complex structures optimized for microbial growth and survival, which make them difficult to remove and control.

As water circulates through your cooling tower system, bacteria grows attaching itself system surfaces producing a protective, jelly-like coating to form a biofilm. This biofilm can cause serious cooling tower problems and are extremely hard to control.

  • Corrosion Damage: Corrosive bacteria can grow to high levels under biofilms
  • Harmful Pathogens: Harmful pathogens can grow in biofilm
  • Increased Energy Costs: Biofilms are very insulating. They reduce heat transfer efficiency 4x more than calcium scale deposits

bioeXile® Biofilm Cleaning Systems
bioeXile works with biocide additions to remove biofilm more effectively than using biocides alone or with biodispersants. This disrupts the persistor mechanism making it more difficult for biofilm to re-form.