Chem-Aqua has cutting-edge research laboratories that develop new products and innovative solutions to meet the unique needs of water treatment.

aquaDART® Automation Control Systems
Chem-Aqua's aquaDART systems use fluorescent-traced technology to deliver real-time, performance-based feedback and control. aquaDART systems enable high performance water treatment programs that provide improved results and reduced operating costs.

HandiChem™ Solid Water Treatment Solutions
The HandiChem™ Solid System is a next generation water treatment solution for cooling towers, closed systems, and steam boilers that provides key benefits versus liquid treatment programs.

ECO Bionics® BIO-Amp™ Biological Drain Maintenance Systems
Chem-Aqua offers environmentally friendly biological drain maintenance systems that solves a range of wastewater problems and at the same time bringing considerable cost savings. 

BioeXile® Cleaning Systems
Biofilm cleaning systems significantly improve the effectiveness of biocide additions by unlocking the calcium bridge.