January 10, 2020

Chem-Aqua, Inc. Wins Prestigious R&D 100 Award for New Automatic Biofilm Monitoring Technology

Chem-Aqua’s new bioDART™ Biofouling Monitor provides valuable, real-time data to evaluate microbiological activity and improve biofilm control in industrial cooling water systems                                                                                                                                                            

IRVING, Texas (USA) – Chem-Aqua, a global water treatment solutions provider based in Irving, Texas, has been honored by R&D Magazine as a 2019 winner of the prestigious R&D 100 Award for the development of their new bioDART biofilm monitoring technology. 

The bioDART Biofouling Monitor was developed to overcome the significant challenges associated with biofilm monitoring in industrial cooling water systems. Often, by the time a biofilm problem is identified, serious and costly damage has already occurred. The bioDART helps solve this problem by providing a predictive, real-time measure of microbiological activity and biofilm control.

The bioDART monitor was recognized as a R&D 100 Award winner in acknowledgement of the impact that water system biofilms play in causing corrosion damage, increasing energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, and transmitting disease. Paul J. Heney, Vice President, and Editorial Director for R&D World stated, “These 100 winning products and technologies are the disruptors that will change industries and make the world a better place in the coming years.”

The bioDART monitor was developed by Chem-Aqua’s New Science and Technology group, which is focused on new and better ways to address the serious problems caused by biofilms.                                                                                                                  

Chem-Aqua is the wholly owned water treatment subsidiary of NCH Corporation, which has done business in 50 countries across the globe. Due to the importance of innovation for company growth and stability, NCH Corporation celebrated their 100th anniversary in 2019 with the theme “100 years of innovation.”

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