All self-cleaning Closed Loop Filtration systems contain a unique media that offers several advantages over the media used in conventional filters. The high surface area media allows particulate matter to penetrate deeply into the filter bed, but still be easily released on backwash. Closed Loop Filters remove smaller suspended particles than conventional sand filters, some models as low as 0.5 microns, while operating at higher flow rates and with longer times between backwash.

Standard Features

  • High Performance Filtration (HPF) model unique filtration media
    • Removes particles down to 5 micron
    • Operates at higher flow rates
    • Allows longer times between backwash
  • Super Performance Filtration (SPF) model filtration media
    • Removes particles down to 0.5 micron
    • Operates at higher flow rates
    • Filters on media surface which allows for shorter times between backwash
  • Automatic backwash based on selectable pressure differential
  • High solids loading capacity
  • Standard pressure gauges
  • Standard isolation valves
  • Ships pre-assembled and pre-programmed for quick and easy installation
  • Requires minimal plant involvement

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