Chloride Cycle Dealklalizers may prove to be a good option where alkalinity levels dictate high blowdown rates preventing carryover and/or high neutralizing amine dosages to control condensate corrosion. Chem-Aqua manufactures a complete range of dealkalizers. If one of our standard units will not work for your facility, one of our Equipment Engineers can custom design a system to fit most specifications.

Alternating Chloride Cycle Dealkalizers
Alternating Chloride Cycle Dealkalizers are dual tank systems with electronically controlled regeneration based on the volume of water passed through the resin bed. One tank is in service while the other is in standby or regeneration. Water volume between regenerations is user-programmable based on water hardness and the quantity of resin in the tank. Softeners with tank sizes of 10 to 30 inches in diameter have the control valve mounted at the top of the tank. Dealkalizers with tank sizes of 36 to 48 inches in diameter have the control valves mounted on the side of the tank. Dealkalizers with tank sizes 21 inches and larger are regenerated with salt and caustic that is injected into the brine tank or brine line.

Standard Features

  • Single or multiple tank configurations
  • Pre-assembled piping manifolds
  • Top- or side-mounted manifold configurations
  • Pre-programmed for site specific conditions
  • Standard pressure gauges
  • Standard sample valves
  • Polyglass tanks
  • Tanks pre-loaded with resin up to 4 ft3
  • Polyethylene and fiberglass brine tanks
  • Multi-port control valves
  • Tank isolation valves
  • Fleck or Signet® meters

Chem-Aqua Advantages

  • Manufactured in Chem-Aqua’s equipment facility
  • Standard or custom designs
  • Strategically placed isolation valves for easy removal of multiport valve
  • Manifold bypass included for easy maintenance
  • Commercial and industrial applications
  • Professional service and installation
  • In-house technical support
  • Startup support