Remove all cations and anions and exchange for H+ and OH- to produce water, which is H2O. A cation exchange resin bed regenerated with acid is followed by an anion exchange resin bed regenerated with sodium hydroxide. This process reduces the conductivity/total dissolved solids (TDS) to nearly zero.

Chem-Aqua manufactures a complete range of dealkalizers. If one of our standard units will not work for your facility, one of our Equipment Engineers can custom design a system to fit most specifications.

Standard Features

  • Single or multiple tank configurations
  • Pre-assembled piping manifolds
  • Top- or side-mounted manifold configurations
  • Pre-programmed for site specific conditions
  • Standard pressure gauges
  • Standard sample valves
  • Polyglass tanks
  • Tanks pre-loaded with resin up to 4 ft3
  • Polyethylene and fiberglass brine tanks
  • Multi-port control valves
  • Tank isolation valves
  • Fleck or Signet® meters

Chem-Aqua Advantages

  • Manufactured in Chem-Aqua’s equipment facility
  • Standard or custom designs
  • Strategically placed isolation valves for easy removal of multiport valve
  • Manifold bypass included for easy maintenance
  • Commercial and industrial applications
  • Professional service and installation
  • In-house technical support
  • Startup support