Chem-Aqua has many sand filtration options available to choose from including side-stream filtration, sump-sweeper filtration, sweeper jets, dual-zone sweeper, and dual-tower sweeper. Each Chem-Aqua sand filter is manufactured on a powder coated stainless steel skid frame to prevent rust. Each unit is pre-assembled and pre-tested prior to shipment making it ready for installation upon arrival. Each unit is backed by our in-house technical and startup support team.

Side Stream Sand Filters
Chem-Aqua Side Stream Sand Filters trap suspended solids throughout the granular media bed. The differential pressure across the media will increase as more contaminants are trapped. Once a certain pressure is met or at a pre-set time, the media will backwash and flush the trapped sediment into a drain.

Sump Sweeper Sand Filters
The Chem-Aqua Sump Sweeper Sand Filters are designed to remove solids from water systems using a permanent media and a Sweeper Jet. As solids are collected in the media the differential pressure will increase triggering the system to automatically backwash itself to remove the solids from the media. Sump Sweeper Sand Filters have an optional dual zone or dual tower installation.

Dual Zone Sweeper and Dual Tower Sweeper
Dual Zone Sweepers include a common suction header, multiple discharge headers, and an independent actuator valve that turns on the sweepers for the different zones at a predetermined period of time. 

Dual Tower Sweepers have separate suction and discharge headers, and two independent actuator valves that automatically alternate between multiple towers.
Having a dual zone sweeper or dual tower sweeper provides the option of only having to purchase one sand filter with the ability to sweep multiple sump zones or multiple towers. This reduces filter size and power requirements while saving money. 

Standard Features

  • Stainless steel skid frame
  • Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) filter tank
  • Schedule 80 PVC piping
  • Backwash counter
  • Centrifugal pump
  • Independent 3-way motorized ball valves
  • Microprocessor controls
  • City / tower backwash
  • Backwash on pressure differential or time
  • 5 micron particle removal
  • 80 psi maximum operating pressure

Chem-Aqua Advantage

  • Manufactured in Chem-Aqua’s equipment facility
  • Commercial and industrial applications
  • Pre-assembled and pre-tested prior to shipment
  • Professional service and installation
  • In-house technical support
  • Startup support

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