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Streamline Program Management
The MyChemAqua Portal dashboard delivers actionable, site-specific information to enable you and your Chem-Aqua Representative to streamline management of your water treatment programs. With quick, easy access to service data, program documents, and predictive analytics, you can easily monitor multiple locations at any time as there is internet.

  • Easy to monitor program performance for multiple locations
  • Large amount of program data distilled into simple, aggregate performance indicators
  • Helps detect emerging problems so action can be taken quickly
  • Puts dynamic information into formats that can have meaning and relevance
  • Drill down capabilities allow review and analysis of individual systems, parameters, and reports

Dashboard Analytics
Site service visits, water analysis, operator testing, and online controllers generate large amounts of data that can be difficult to understand and use. Dashboard analytics help provide meaningful insights to confirm your programs are on track and identify weaknesses that need improvement.

High Value Expertise
Chem-Aqua dashboard analytics help simplify program management to take you to the next level of performance and value. In conjunction with Chem-Aqua's complimentary suite of technologies and services, dashboard analytics provide high volume automation, process control, and knowledge management expertise.

The MyChemAqua dashboard will host data for program documentation (control range charts, procedures, SDS, etc), field service reports, cleaning, disinfection, and inspection reports, laboratory analysis, site testing and maintenance logs, tank level monitors, as well as controller data. The data can be distilled into aggregate visual key performance indicators (KPI).

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