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Water treatment is an essential part of the preventive maintenance program for any boiler system. Even a small reduction in boiler efficiency due to scale deposits, excessive blowdown or condensate losses can result in a significant increase in operating costs. While water and energy losses can be significant, loss of production and shutdowns from scale and corrosion can be even more detrimental.

Chem-Aqua's custom water treatment solution helps protect your boiler system from the damaging effects of corrosion, scale and carryover. It helps to provide safe, reliable and economical protection for your entire system. Chem-Aqua offers effective treatment programs for all types of heating systems and equipment, including:

  • Steam Boilers and Condensate Systems
  • Steam Generators
  • Hot Water Systems
  • Online and Offline Cleaning Programs

We offer a full line of boiler products in liquid or solid form to help protect your systems from corrosion and scale deposits.

  • Oxygen Scavengers
  • Alkalinity Builders
  • Phosphate Treatments
  • Polymer Treatments
  • Neutratlizing Amines


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