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Effective technology is required to keep wet air scrubbers clean and operating efficiently. Chem-Aqua's odor control programs are more effective in reducing odors while eliminating the need for hazardous oxidizers and/or chloride chemicals to treat your odors. We offer a full range of proven control solutions including:

  • ReNew®* Program: Unique enzyme-based technology provides a safer, more environmentally friendly approach
  • Chlorine Dioxide: A variety of cost effective generation options are available to implement this effective, widely-used oxidative process
  • Liquid Monopersulfate: Powerful oxidant provides reliable odor control without complicated generation and control equipment
  • Acidified Bleach: Traditional oxidative odor control chemistry

Our strength is our expertise, and service commitment. We understand rendering, air scrubber operation, and the variables that contribute to odors. We have developed effective equipment systems to meet the challenging chemical feed and control demands. Contact us to learn more.

*ReNew is a registered trademark of Diversy, Inc.

Odor Control for the Rendering Industry

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