Ion Exchange Resin


Ion exchange is a technology where undesirable dissolved solids are removed from water in exchange for desirable dissolved solids. It is based on the fact inorganic salts dissolve in water to generate individual cations (positively charged) and anions (negatively charged). Ion exchange processes do not remove ions from water. They simply exchange unwanted ions in water for more desirable ions of a like charge. These reactions occur on ion exchange resins, which are porous synthetic materials specifically designed for reaction with either cations (cation resin) or anions (anion resin).

Ion exchangeIon exchange resin is like a battery that can be charged with desirable ions. As water passes through the resin beads, desirable ions are released from the resin in exchange for undesirable ones. Eventually, the resin beads will be depleted of desirable ions (saturated with undesirable ones) and must be recharged (regenerated). Regeneration is achieved by passing a highly concentrated solution of desirable ions over the resin. The ionic strength of the regeneration solution reverses the exchange reaction, causing undesirable ions to be replaced by desirable ones.

Chem-Aqua manufactures a complete line of ion exchange systems. If one of our standard units will not work for your facility, one of our Equipment Engineers can custom design a system to fit most specifications