Controlling Odor in Industrial Processes

  • 14 April 2020
  • Author: Tim Daniels
  • Number of views: 1786
Controlling Odor in Industrial Processes

As the world’s population has increased, urban centers have expanded and created sprawl. Cities and their suburbs have engulfed rural and industrial areas like never before. As a result, longtime residents of these areas, such as industrial plants and facilities, have been forced to adapt. Issues that were never a concern previously, are now taking precedent. Among these concerns are the odors that are emitted as a byproduct of processes. These odors must be controlled, reduced, or eliminated altogether. Plant stake-holders must understand a number of different aspects of their operations in order to prevent or address the odors that are being emitted. Renderers are among the most affected by this and thus will be the focus of this article. Some of the factors that renderers must consider are: