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An effective water treatment program helps maximize the life efficiency, reliability, and safety of boiler, cooling, closed loop, and wastewater systems and minimizes total operating costs. From plant inlet to outlet, Chem-Aqua has the product line, expertise, and commitment necessary to address the unique requirements of virtually any water and process system. Our prepackaged equipment, complete chemical programs, and service make our programs different from our competitors. Combined with our Total Systems Approach, these capabilities allow Chem-Aqua to provide turnkey custom treatment programs that solve our customers water problems, reduce their operating costs, and protect their valuable equipment. Below are just some of the water treatment solutions we offer.

Firetube Boilers

Boiler Water Treatment
Maximizing cycles of concentration while controlling scale and corrosion results in reduced operating costs such as fuel, water, and maintenance savings.


Cooling Tower Fans

Cooling Water Treatment
Effective water treatment is an essential part of the preventative maintenance program for a cooling water system helping to keep operating costs low for energy, water, maintenance, and labor at a small fraction of the cost of allowing the cooling system to operate inefficiently or deteriorate to failure. Controlling scale, corrosion, microbiological activity saves energy, water, and maintenance costs.

Closed System

Closed Loop Water Treatment
Closed loop systems (hot water, chilled water, tempered water, process water, and glycol filled closed loops) that are not properly treated can have significant corrosion damage.


Rendering Cooker

Odor Control Programs
Odor Control technology helps improve air quality, reduce water consumption, and decrease workplace hazards. The unique technology is of particular interest for the rendering industry where it aids in removing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other odor-causing compounds from the air.

Wastewater Treatment Plant

Wastewater Treatment Programs
Chem-Aqua offers one of the industries most advanced and complete line of products and services for water and wastewater treatment. Our programs remove contaminants, reduce sludge handling and disposal costs, improve influent and effluent quality, and enhance water savings and recycling.

Resourcefully Green Solutions

Sustainable Water Treatment Solutions
Chem-Aqua's mission is to provide environmentally responsible and economically profitable water treatment solutions help reduce your water and energy footprints as well as your total costs of operation.